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InScope newsletter
Each week, InScope, the official IU School of Medicine email newsletter, carries news items of general interest to the medical school community: students, faculty, staff and residents. Email InScope Editor Christine Hudson with your submissions.

MedTV is a closed circuit TV system used for broadcasting events and announcements important to students, staff, and faculty on the medical school campus. MedTVs are located throughout the medical school campus. Read the submission guidelines.

Jagnews is the electronic newsletter for the IUPUI campus. Find submission guidelines here.

Reserve a meeting room on the medical school campus
IUSM buildings have designated schedulers:

Request a Polycom video bridge
Polycom-ready locations on the IUSM campus include rooms in the Medical Science building, Fesler Hall, the Medical Library, Emerson Hall and Fairbanks Hall. For Polycom reservations or questions, contact Sean MoserIf you need a Polycom hookup, be sure to ask when reserving a room.


Fairbanks Hall | 340 West 10th Street, Suite 6200 | Indianapolis, IN 46202-3082 | (317) 274-8157